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Grade Z — The Zenith of Quality

Grade Z Entertainment is the world's Number One micro-budget movie studio

and book publisher.  Check out a sampling of what we have to offer below:

Revenge of the Decapitator

A photographer tells his model about a gruesome experience he had back in his Army days. And then she reveals her own terrifying secret!

Starring Vincent Brown, Gina Martino, Bill Johns, Brian Watson, and Floyd Jones

Frankenfood Must Be Destroyed!


A mad scientist working on a new hamburger recipe recalls the tragic story of an old colleague — a man so crazy, he was... a VEGETARIAN!

Starring Anthony Hinch and Jenna McLaughlin

Bum Man Fails Again


When Bum Man's main squeeze, the lovely Diane Zane, gets lost in a cave, our hero must come to the rescue. But will beer and drowsiness overcome him?

Starring Anthony Hinch and Floyd Jones

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