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Anti-Bias Statement

Grade Z Entertainment’s library represents over three decades of filmmaking and we recognize that a number of our films contain culturally insensitive or potentially offensive content... and we're OK with that. In fact, we're proud to have been on the cutting edge for so long. For example, we were calling out the transgender craze way back in 2015!

As a company, we strive to create content that embraces diversity and equality. At the same time, we reject any and all efforts to divide people by race, sex, ethnicity or religion... in other words, we adhere to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dictum that all people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin (or other irrelevant factors.)

Socialists, race-baiters, perverts and religious nuts must learn from the past so that they can recognize their failings and work with us to forge a better future. We hope and expect that audiences will watch our films with a critical eye, engaging with the subject matter but also bringing a realistic & sane lens to questions of equality and bias.

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