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Short Movies


Lobster Men from Outer Space

While waiting for a train, a woman is bothered by a weirdo who's obsessed with global warming and space aliens. He tells her a crazy story about Lobster Men from the planet Venus.

Starring Anthony Hinch and Natalia Jablokov.

Bat Guy 2.jpg

The Bat Guy

When a fire breaks out at her company's warehouse, Rosemary must find someone to look after her kids... and the only person available is her crazy uncle Alan, who tells the kids a terrifying tale of murder.

Starring Alan Cooper, Rosemary Lynne, and Bela Lugosi

Moe kisses Larry.jpg

Brideless Bride

Loretta is a transgender "woman" engaged to be married, but "her" partner is having second thoughts, as she recalls her Uncle Shemp's wedding, which ended in a bloodbath.

Starring Rosemary Lynne, Ivan Vila, Moe Howard, Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine

Mad Polygamist.jpg

House of the Mad Polygamist

A young couple goes out for a vacation, but they get lost. They recall the horrifying story of another couple that got lost just like them. And then... they make a bone-chilling discovery!

Starring Vincent Brown and Shelby Poston

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