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Short Movies

A Gilmore & Duke Valentine's Day

When Gilmore's wife walks out on him, his pal Duke offers to help reunite the couple by cooking a romantic dinner. There's only one problem — Duke is a drunken idiot who screws up everything.

Starring Mike Gilmore, Sharon Gilmore and Ken Nagin.

Gilmore and Duke.jpg

Lobster Men from Outer Space

While waiting for a train, a woman is bothered by a weirdo who's obsessed with global warming and space aliens. He tells her a crazy story about Lobster Men from the planet Venus.

Starring Anthony Hinch and Natalia Jablokov.


The Bat Guy

When a fire breaks out at her company's warehouse, Rosemary must find someone to look after her kids... and the only person available is her crazy uncle Alan, who tells the kids a terrifying tale of murder.

Starring Alan Cooper, Rosemary Lynne, and Bela Lugosi

Bat Guy 2.jpg

Revenge of the Decapitator

A photographer tells his model about a gruesome experience he had back in his Army days. And then she reveals her own terrifying secret!

Starring Vincent Brown, Gina Martino, Bill Johns, Brian Watson, and Floyd Jones

Cappy 1.jpg

Frankenfood Must Be Destroyed!

A mad scientist working on a new hamburger recipe recalls the tragic story of an old colleague — a man so crazy, he was... a VEGETARIAN!

Starring Anthony Hinch and Jenna McLaughlin


Brideless Bride

Loretta is a transgender "woman" engaged to be married, but "her" partner is having second thoughts, as she recalls her Uncle Shemp's wedding, which ended in a bloodbath.

Starring Rosemary Lynne, Ivan Vila, Moe Howard, Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine

Moe kisses Larry.jpg

House of the Mad Polygamist

A young couple goes out for a vacation, but they get lost. They recall the horrifying story of another couple that got lost just like them. And then... they make a bone-chilling discovery!

Starring Vincent Brown and Shelby Poston

Mad Polygamist.jpg
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