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Smoking & Tobacco Depiction Policy

Grade Z Entertainment recognizes the serious health risks that accompany tobacco use.  But you know how a lot of movie studios are, like, paranoid about it? Well, Grade Z is different... we don't believe that — just because someone in an audience sees a character in a movie smoking — that person is going to go out and start smoking themselves. And if they do, you know what? That's on them. Don't even think about blaming us! We're not going to infantilize our audience (to the extent that we have one.) To that end, Grade Z Entertainment’s current policies and practices include the following:

  • Grade Z Entertainment will happily make product placements, tie-ins or other promotional arrangements with tobacco companies for any of its films, regardless of rating.  Tobacco companies are welcome to reach out to us regarding offering us considerations of any kind in exchange for depicting tobacco or tobacco-related products in a Grade Z film.

  • Grade Z Entertainment shall endeavor to depict smoking or tobacco in all of our productions. Every character should be a chain smoker unless that would interfere with the movie in some important way.

  • Grade Z Entertainment has a message for the CDC and all state departments of public health that may want to meddle in our affairs... Go pound sand, you authoritarian freaks.


Grade Z Entertainment will review the implementation and effectiveness of this policy and may also recommend revisions to this policy, as ownership deems necessary.

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