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Books and Comics

You're not illiterate, are you?  (If you are, what are you you doing reading this?!?)

Assuming you're not illiterate, you've come to the right place!  We've got super-cool reading material for you right here!  With more good stuff coming soon!

Atomic Artist

and Other Groovy Tales

A collection of short stories and poetry, featuring the story "Atomic Artist", the tale of a drugged-out hippie who learns to harness the power of nuclear fission to help himself become one of the world's most successful painters.


Also featuring:


* The Evil Brain Lives! wherein Hitler's brain is brought back to life!


* My Vacation With O.J. (or, Horror on the High Seas)


* Poems about killer mice and filthy truck drivers.

The Adventures of Alan Cooper, No. 1

Alan Cooper is the man James Bond wishes he could be.  Thrill to his exploits as he takes on Vladimir Putin and the Red Menace!


In Issue No. 1, the Russkies launch a sneak attack against America.  But they didn't count on ace fighter pilot Alan Cooper coming to the rescue!

The Adventures of Alan Cooper, No. 2

In Issue No. 2, World War III rages on, but takes a surprising new turn.  And where is Alan Cooper?  Has he been killed?  Or is he just waiting for the right time to return?

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